Online Biblically Based Sexual Integrity Workshop for Men

I've worked with men for over twenty-five years, and found that at least one of the following questions is relevant to every man I've met personally and professionally:

  • Do you struggle with wandering eyes?
  • Is your thought life hyper-sexualized?
  • Does your wife struggle to trust you?
  • Are you concerned that you're addicted to porn?
  • Do you have a secret lifestyle that leaves you feeling guilty?
  • Is media contaminating your soul?
  • Has sexual sin compromised your service for God?
  • Do you simply want greater sexual integrity?
If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions, I have an online workshop that can help you to recover like never before. So, please, invest a few moments now, and explore how this unique opportunity can change your life.
“You were the first counselor I found online that really put “Bible” over “psychology” without avoiding psychology.”

Take a look at what you'll learn:

PART I: Recovery 101
Week 1: Sexual Integrity is Still Possible
Week 2: The Faces of Sexual Sin and Addiction
Week 3: Your Recovery Program Must Fit Your Values

PART II: Drivers that Lead to Sex Addiction
Week 4: Intimacy Disorder Feeds Your Insecurities
Week 5: Generational Sins are Contagious
Week 6: Today’s Environment Pollutes Sexuality
Week 7: Personality Factors That You Must Change

PART III: Healing the Whole Man
Week 8: Self-examination Doesn't Have to Shame You
Week 9: Be a Good Friend to Your Interior Sponsor
Week 10: Heal Your Wounds and Restore Your Vision
Week 11: Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body Transforms You

PART IV: Systematic Recovery
Week 12: How to Understand and Engineer Recovery Systems
Week 13: How to Rethink Accountability
Week 14: How to Cultivate Spiritual Formation
Week 15: How to Draft and Implement Your Recovery Blueprint
Week 16: How to Restore Broken Trust – Especially Your Wife's

Resources That Work for You!

As a member of my men's only workshop, you'll gain immediate access to my member-only web site. 

You'll have immediate access to recorded webinars and teleseminars for Christian men in pursuit of greater sexual integrity.

You'll also receive:

  • occasional videos for inspiration and education,
  • six book reviews on the most popular Christian-authored books for men on sexuality,
  • four special reports on sensitive topics like masturbation,
  • and my recovery toolbox.


Experience Counts!

Dating back to 1994, I've had an extensive background in men’s ministries. I've served as Director of Men's Ministries with the American Family Association. Later, I was a founding member and associate director of the Christian Alliance for Sexual Recovery. In both organizations I coordinated national workshop ministries.

The early years of my work were often difficult given the rapid onset of Internet pornography, the lack of well-established Christian approaches and programs, and the stigma associated with services related to recovery, sexuality, and mental health.

In the fall of 2000, I returned to private practice and created my own workshop ministry. It was during this seminal time that I further developed my Iceberg Model for TransformationTM and discovered its dynamic connection to Romans 7 and 8.

Less than ten years later, Focus on the Family® contracted with me to serve as a subject matter expert for, a site dedicated to “restoring the heart of sexuality.” Focus also included my content in several books including The Complete Guide to the First Five Years of Marriage, The Smart Groom's Guide to Marriage, and The Savvy Bride's Guide to Marriage. I've been a quest on Dr. James Dobson's broadcast, where I joined in a discussion called The Seductive Lure of Internet Pornography.

book covers


A Deeper Explanation of My Influences and Workshop Content

As I put myself in your shoes, here are some of the assurances that I would want if I were you:

  • I ground my teaching and approaches in the Bible, and I'm dependent on the Holy Spirit's guidance. In addition to the Bible, several teachers continue to play a major influence in my personal faith and practice. These include John Owen, William Gurnall, Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, Dallas Willard, and Henri Nouwen. I've been told that I have a gift for teaching, and I enjoy sharing with others what I've drawn from these deep wells.
  • I build solely on the foundation of life in Christ. This workshop is for Christian men who are intent on going deeper with God in both practical and relational ways. While non-Christians are always welcome, the workshop begins with life in Christ and you'll learn more about how to live that life through the Holy Spirit. I also draw on more than thirty years of experience in clinical psychology, but I subjugate this flawed science to the authority of God's Word.
Dear Rob,

I can't thank you enough for spending an extremely valuable morning with us at the E-Free Church. Your material was terrific and from what I could see, every man was captivated with your presentation. Our associate pastor was very excited about the way you presented our fundamental need for intimacy with God before we can being to address other critical issues. In fact, he has offered to lead/teach the small group study on temptations.

Personally, I found your "iceberg model" to be an excellent tool for dealing with many issues which are obstacles to God's grace in my life. "Fixing" behaviors doesn't do much good if you haven't addressed the hidden causes.

Together in Christ,

David Reynolds, Coordinator of Men's Ministry
The Evangelical Free Church, Canon City, CO 

  • I illustrate my unique nine-step Iceberg Model for TransformationTM. Given the high prevalence of pornography related issues among men, I also apply my model specifically to sexual integrity. I equip men to deepen their friendships with God, principally through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Whether married or single, each participant learns how to cultivate his marriage to Christ.

"I don't think that all counselors put as much of themselves into their counseling as Rob. I felt that he truly knows the meaning of compassionate listening."  



Online Workshop Objectives:

You'll learn...

  • how to customize my Iceberg Method of TransformationTM to the unique needs of your recovery,
  • more about how "life in Christ and by the Holy Spirit" fortifies you,
  • how to overcome anger, one of sex addiction's most potent drivers,
  • how to communicate more intimately with your spouse, and 
  • how to talk to your children about intimacy, personal integrity, and family unity


What Makes My Approach Different?

  • I offer free, weekly teleseminars every Tuesday evening so you (and your wife) can sample before your invest your time, energy, and resources.
  • I teach up so that you gain a high view of God and new life in Christ.
  • I ground all of my approaches on a solid foundation of spiritual formation in Christ and by the Spirit.
  • I encourage you to cultivate a lifelong friendship with God the Father, Son, and Spirit.
  • I train you in the latest goal setting theories so that you can maximum every area of your life.
  • I equip you with sensible stress management techniques that will undergird your daily recovery.
  • I help you to discern and unplug the dynamics of personality that injure both your relationships with others and your personal recovery. 


Endorsements You Can Trust!


"I have know Rob Jackson for many years as a counselor and servant in ministry. He is a man of great integrity and professional skill. His goal is always to help his clients reach their potential in Christ. Rob is a strong combination of grace and truth as he serves others with compassion and skill. I recommend him without reservation."

Rick Schatz, President and CEO, PureHope. Formerly the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families 
"I have known Rob for several years and respect him as a Christian counselor. I have referred several clients to him and with confidence will do so again. He is a skilled professional with a lot to offer. I highly recommend him."

George Stahnke, President, Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs 
"Whenever a situation arises where someone is struggling with a pornography addiction, Rob is the one I usually turn to first. I highly recommend Rob Jackson." 

Bill Johnson, President, American Decency Association

You'll receive the following: 

  • 16-week online workshop with pre-recorded webinars, teleclasses, downloadable mp3, recourses, and handouts - lifetime access to this member-only content - a value of $197.00
  • member-only web site with occasional videos, book reviews, special reports, and my recovery tool chest...a value of $297.00

Join now for a one-time payment of $97.00, knowing that if you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll gladly refund your money. 



I hope you're convinced...sexual integrity is still possible. Come join me now, and see how friendship with God can renew your recovery.



Rob Jackson, Founder 

P.S. With my guarantee you can try this workshop risk-free! 

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